Episode #25 – The Breakfast Club

Holy Technical Nightmare, it’s our 25th EPISODE!@ In honor of this very special occasion, Glen and Michael break out THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

One thought on “Episode #25 – The Breakfast Club”

  1. Hey guys, I realize I’m a bit behind. OOps.

    But point of order: you COULD, in the 80s just get 1 day of in school suspension for firearms related issues (assuming nobody got hurt.

    Case i point -I- got a day of in-house suspension for, the official charge was “Posession of gun ammunition.”

    The fact was I had a tube of BBs that I was using a modified clicker pen to launch across the room.

    That was one of my 2 absured high school punishments… the other was getting detention for Running during Gym class. I’ll let you guys figure out how that one worked out.

    Keep up the good work.

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