Awesome 80s PodShort – Mr. T

Mr. T – Please pity the fools that do this podcast. Michael and Lawrence discuss Mr. T and his cultural impact on the eighties.

3 thoughts on “Awesome 80s PodShort – Mr. T

  1. As the female perspective I agree the A-team was more of guys show. I never really got into it. I became a fan of Mr. T by watching his cartoon Mister T, which origannaly aired in the early 80s, then re-aired in the late 80s on USA cartoon network. In this cartoon he was a gymnastics coach, so that was more for the girls.
    As far as the Fall season is going, it broke my heart when The Playboy Club was cancelled after only 3 episodes. I think Whitney is keeping the laugh track so people will keep talking about it (there is no such thing as bad publicity).

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