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Overview of the Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert Certification 

If you have prior work experience in a role that requires the extensive use of the SQL programming language, then you may be interested in this career certification opportunity from Oracle. The SQL Certified Expert certification is part of Oracle’s Database family of certification paths. Candidates who successfully complete this program are competent in a complete range of skills that are necessary for completing tasks with the SQL programming language.

This certification path ensures that candidates are able to work with the advanced features of SQL in order to manipulate various data within a database, manage privileges at the object and/or system level, and use high-level reporting methods. Other skills that are a priority in this program include manipulating large sets of data and understanding concepts of controlling access and privileges as needed.

Candidates for this certification must successfully pass the 1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert exam in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Preparing for the exam should involve techniques to become familiar with the layout, exam topics, and time limits. offers perhaps the best simulation of the Oracle 1Z0-047 exam by allowing its users to practice with real questions and actual correct answers that make up the proctored exam. Recommended training includes courses and a review of 1Z0-047 exam tutorials. Training courses include Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL (Bundle), Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Ed1, Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals I and Fundamentals II.

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