Episode # 100 – Karate Kid

Karate Kid – Michael, Lawrence, Dre, and special guest Missy join together for the A80s Pod 100th spectacular!! We revisit our roots with a film that features Miss Elizabeth Shue and Ralph Macchio. He taught him the secret to Karate, it lies in the mind and heart. Not in the hands. Only the ‘Old One’ could teach him the secrets of the masters.

3 thoughts on “Episode # 100 – Karate Kid

  1. The sound on this episode is horrible, worse than usual. Michael is the only one you can hear, the others sound like they are talking in another room. If you turn it up to hear them, suddenly Michael’s voice is WAY TOO LOUD.(still adorable, tho, just louder than Lawrence & the guests)
    Love this podcast, please fix your sound!

  2. X-mas is getting close and I hope you guys have a holiday movie or 2 to review soon, so I can get into the X-mas spirit! I have not had one morning this week where I did not listen to at least one of your episodes and, and now I also listen to a couple friends of the show at the “Drunken Zombie” podcast and the “Hockey Masks, High Schools and Popcorn” podcast as well. I am almost totally caught up listening to all of your older episodes and then I wont know what the fudge to do!?!?! Please help me get my fix of the “Awesome 80’s Show”!!! I am counting on you two ;) Your loyal fans Paul and Krista Miller (New Jersey, U$A )

  3. yeah i agree on the 100th episode did kind of blow. it was way loud then it did sound like u were in another room or on the other side of a telephone conversation i dont want u guys to take it personal its just the way the podcast show was. thumbs up otherwise on the past shows thats all for now jamie.

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