Episode # 101 – Red Dawn

Red Dawn – Michael, Lawrence, and world famous writer Michael Patterson sit down and discuss Reganomics and the military industrial complex. Please join us as we have fun remembering how great it was to hate all Russian People. The invading armies planned for everything – except for eight kids called “The Wolverines.”

One thought on “Episode # 101 – Red Dawn

  1. hey guys funny podcast great guest. you did a great job thanks . oh bye the way u were talking about boy meets world a little bit heres something people may not be aware of did u know that mr.feeny i hope i spelled that right if not sorry. and he did the voice of k.i.t.t on the orignal knight rider in the 80s i neve to u guys this i met him in person once . that was very cool he asked me how i was doing in school and i said i was doing just fine . he is a big part of my childhood really great guy . well see u soon guys stay awesome jamie.

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