Episode 008 – Three O’Clock High


This week Lawrence and Michael discuss the Aaron Spelling classic, “Three O’Clock High,” the brass knuckles as a penis metaphor, Art has technical difficulties, messy rooms, and why are the parent’s always on vacation? Do you remember a time when your parents just left you and left for like a month. Don’t become a dude and do drugs!

5 thoughts on “Episode 008 – Three O’Clock High

  1. Various Comments
    The legend of Billie Jean -IS- on DVD. Got $10? Buy it:

    The bad guy-
    It’s Buddy Revell
    Played by Richard Tyson, who was in K-Cop, like you mentioned, but also “Two Moon Junction” and most notably:
    “The Babe” with John Goodman and Myself.

    PS. I’m the guy who voted for “Plain Clothes.” Please compare and contrast with “Hiding Out.”

  2. please review cheech and chong thier coming back can they do it what does Lawrence and Michael think?

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