Awesome80sPodShort-80s Commercials

80s Commercials – This just in, a new PodShort from Michael and Lawrence featuring the greatness of 80s commercials. Noid, California Rasins, Pogo Ball; no PSA is left uncovered in the new installment of our podcast.

2 thoughts on “Awesome80sPodShort-80s Commercials

  1. Bonkers sucked. On the topic of candy, I know Runts are still made today, but I totally associated Banana runts with the 80s and trips to the pool.

    I think the charm in the 80s commercial is the unpolished feel that they still had compared to the mid to late 90s and into the 2000s when everyone, even local commercials, had access to higher production equipment to make more polished material.

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