Episode #173 – Tapeheads

tape1Tapeheads – Michael and Lawrence discuss the movie based on their own lives when in the 80’s music video industry. Well that’s our story. Check out our review of Tapeheads.”Let’s get into trouble, baby!” A funny movie with music.john-cusack-tim-robbins-tapeheads

Episode #172 – My Best Friend Is a Vampire

mybestfriendvampireMy Best Friend Is a Vampire – Michael & Lawrence are joined by Garon Cockrell, contributor to award winning podcast Never Not Funny and web master of Pop Culture Beast, sit down and determine if their future is so bright they have to wear shades and discuss little known 80’s comedy, My Best Friend Is a Vampire.14

Episode #171 – Soul Man

l_91991_a9435591Soul Man – Michael & Lawrence change it up by reviewing a movie torn from current headlines, the 1986 docudrama Soul Man. This movie allows them to discuss current social issues that effect us living in these modern confusing times. Mostly though it will be dick & fart jokes. So tune in! A comedy with heart and soul. Mark needs a scholarship to get into Harvard. There’s one more available for a black student. The problem is Mark’s not black… Yet. He didn’t give up. He got down.soul1

Episode #170 – Airplane!

1980Airplane! – Michael & Lawrence try to survive their hockey hangovers as they lighten things up this week with Airplane! An airplane crew takes ill. The Plane’s going to Chicago. The Pilot’s going to New York. The Passengers are going to Pieces! Shirley you won’t want to miss this.Airplane-005

Episode # 169 – Youngblood

MV5BMTkzNzM0NzY5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODgyMzk3NA@@._V1_SX214_AL_Youngblood – Lawrence & Michael dive deep into the hockey hysteria as their beloved Blackhawks are fighting for the Stanley Cup. The gentlemen will be sporting playoff beards as they break down the little known minor league hockey movie Youngblood, starring Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze & Keanu Reeves. Be sure to tune in!youngbloodbig

HBO Podshort

Vintage-HBO-LogoHBO – Throughout the history of the podcast we have discovered most of our listeners discovered 80’s movies through HBO. This week Lawrence & Michael discuss the impacts of HBO on 80’s cinema while also discussing our listeners favorite 80’s movies they discover on HBO.