Episode #180 – Fatal Attraction

emaifeaturesFatal Attraction -Things get real tense on the podcast when a woman from Lawrence and Michael’s past reappears to discuss the spine tingling Fatal Attraction. On the other side of drinks, dinner and a one night stand, lies a terrifying love story. A look that led to an evening. A mistake he’ll regret…FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.fatal-attraction-2

Episode #179 – Lucas

Luke2Lucas – Charlie Sheen, Corey Haim, Winona Ryder.. no, we aren’t having a kick ass 80’s coke orgy; we are reviewing Lucas. She was the biggest thing that ever hit him until he played football. A boy that just won’t be beaten. It’s about falling in love…for the first time.luke1

Episode #178 – Heathers

heather1Heathers – Long before Tina Fey and Lindsey Lohan were doing Mean Girls there was the original clique, Heathers. Michael, Lawrence and special guest Bobbie Jo take a chain saw to this dark comedy! Best friends, social trends and occasional murder. A killer comedy.heath2

Episode #177 – My Bodyguard

my-bodyguardMy Bodyguard – Michael and Lawrence watch this bully vs nerd tale and they review this forgotten classic My Bodyguard. I’m tired of being terrorized in the toilets, chased after school, and shaken down for my lunch money. Will you be my Bodyguard?hqdefault

Episode #176 – Meatballs

meat1Meatballs – Lawrence and Michael go back to camp and relive childhood memories that don’t involve ladies with male parts as they discuss Meatballs. Every summer the cream of America’s youth goes to summer camp – and the rest go to Camp Northstar. When this lot go back to nature, nature runs for it’s life.meat2

Episode #175 – The Jerk

VAR7gaaThe Jerk – It doesn’t get better than this. Lawrence & Michael bend the rules and time to review one of their all time favorites, The Jerk. He was a poor black sharecropper’s son who never dreamed he was adopted. A rags to riches to rags story. Also Check out our friend Garon’s new Book!!angie