Special Guest Interview with Conrad Thompson

WED, MAR 16 2016, 8:30 PM CST

Well friends it’s that time again, WrestleMania is coming up on us! We are blessed to be joined by the cohost of WOOOOO! Nation and the best friend of the limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun, the second richest man in the whole state of Alabama, Conrad Thompson. We will talk 80’s wrastlin’, Ric Flair & his favorite moments in wrestling. Whether you are a wrestling fan or not this is a great episode as well will discus all things ’80s!

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Night of the Creeps Scheduled

MAR 10 2016, 8:30 PM CST

Night of the Creeps – Michael, Lawrence and writer Chris Vander Kaay sit down to discuss the horror films that shaped their lives. We talk about horror films, genre classics, and the best the 80’s has to offer. Please check out The Anatomy of Fear and Horror Films by Subgenre: A Viewer’s Guide. Here we discuss the 80’s cult classic Night of the Creeps.”The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is… they’re dead.” If you scream… you’re dead. It’ll be the night of your life… death. They don’t bother to knock.

’85 Bears Podshort

From the frozen tundra of Lambeau field to the smooth as silk 80s astroturf at Soldier Field, George Halas’ Bears set themselves apart as one of the Greatest NFL teams of all time. Michael and Lawrence walk down memory lane with DITKA, Singletary, Dent, McMahon, The Fridge, and of course Walter Payton to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Our Bears sing songs, empower overweight people, and demolish every offense they played. This team had larger than life personalities that could only be contained by the decade of the 80s.

Episode # 163 – Look Who’s Talking

One of the Awesome 80’s cohost’s is about to leap into fatherhood for the first time so the show this week will be taking the opportunity to train cohost Michael on parenthood. We will do this by discussing Look Who’s Talking. No better training for a new father than seeing the world through a baby’s perspective. So tune in to hear about John Travolta before the hair piece and Kirsty Alley before she was crazy!