Episode # 72 – The Muppets Take Manhattan

The Muppets Take Manhattan – Fozzie, Kermit and the gang enjoy their new life in the big city. Michael and Lawrence review the film and try to attach themselves to the coattails of this new found love on the Muppets.

Episode # 71 – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure – The story of a rebel and his bike. Michael and Glen square off with Pee Wee, Dottie, Mickey and more as we all meet up at the Drive Inn. We delve into Glen’s big but and realize some dark, dark things. You will believe a man can ride a bike.

Awesome 80s Rewind – Top Gun

Top Gun – Michael and Lawrence relaunch a classic podcast recording of Tom Cruise at his finest.
…It’s a solo mission … Yeah! …And I’m going with him…

Episode # 70 – Betelgeuse

Beetlejuice – Say it once… Say it twice… But we dare you to say it THREE TIMES. The time has come for us to review one of our favorite Horror films from the 80s. Michael and Lawrence give you their perspective on a cinema classic.

Episode # 69 – Footloose (1984)

Footloose (1984) – Michael, Lawrence and Amy review Footloose the Kevin Bacon classic.

Episode # 68 – Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck – Michael and Lawrence give pause and contemplate the excellence of John Candy in his role as Buck, the uncle we always wish we had.