Episode # 65 – Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party – Shocking, Shameless, Sinful, Wicked. And the party hasn’t even started. Michael and Lawrence discuss a change in this young man’s life.

Episode # 64 – National Lampoons Vacation

Vacation – Every summer Chevy Chase takes his family on a little trip. This year he went too far. Lawrence, Michael go on summer vacation with Missy as we revisit the Griswold’s in this classic film. Family vacation’s, sticky siblings, and stretching your sh!# out are all discussed.

Awesome80sPodShort-80s Commercials

80s Commercials – This just in, a new PodShort from Michael and Lawrence featuring the greatness of 80s commercials. Noid, California Rasins, Pogo Ball; no PSA is left uncovered in the new installment of our podcast.

Episode # 63 – Harry And The Hendersons

Harry And The Hendersons – He wasn’t invited, but he’s not an intruder. He’s not exactly a friend, but he’s becoming part of the family. Michael, Lawrence and Bobbie Jo discuss the wonder that is Sasquatch, and our friend Harry.

Awesome 80s PodShort-TGIF

TGIF-Family friendly comedies that Michael and Lawrence Love and Adore. We tackle the hard topics, like Balki Bartokomous Vs Steven Quincy Urkel. Please enjoy our newest PodShort.

Episode # 62 – Back To The Beach

Back to the Beach – You’re supposed to know what it means when I burn stuff! Michael, Amy and Lawrence discuss Frankie, Annette and their return to the BEACH. Also, Pee-Wee makes a guest appearance.