Awesome 80s PodShort – Mr. T

Mr. T – Please pity the fools that do this podcast. Michael and Lawrence discuss Mr. T and his cultural impact on the eighties.

Awesome 80s PodShort – The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls – Based on the lives and interactions of four older women whom have all been divorced/widowed, and are now roommates. Michael and Glen discuss one of their all time favorite television shows.

Awesome 80s PodShort – Growing Pains

Growing Pains – The misadventures of a family with a home psychiatrist father and a journalist mother. Join Michael and Glen as we go and visit the Seaver’s again while doing our damndest to avoid Chrissy.

Episode # 67 – Batman

Batman – Prince, Jack, and the guy form Mr. Mom create a film version of a Comic Book Legend. Michael, Glen, and Co-Host All The Time Mike from the The Drunken Zombie Podcasting Network,, join forces to discuss those wonderful toys.

Episode # 66 – He-Man (1983-1985)

He-Man – And the Masters of the Universe, is the subject that Michael and Lawrence has chosen to discuss. We revisit the cartoon series from our childhood and offer a different perspective. Featured guest Danielle, from the Power-Con/ThunderCon convention tells us what not to miss.

Awesome 80s PodShort – 80’s Game Shows

1980’s Game Shows – Michael and Glen delve into the seedy world of 80’s game shows, enjoy.