Episode #46 – TRON

Film will never be the same!!! Michael, Lawrence and Special guest Jake discuss the new fad of CGI used in film. Here today gone tomorrow? Countdown to Episode #50 continues. Yeah TRON Sucks!!

Episode # 45 – The Griswold Family Christmas

Michael, Lawrence and new co host Missy discuss our favorite Holiday Season Classic. Discussion topics: Is your shitter half full or half empty? Cousin Eddie/The dissent into madness!?!

Episode #44 – Gremlins

Number two film in our Christmas countdown. Michael, Lawrence and Bobbie Jo list our favorite Christmas films. Young Billy Peltzer receives a gift from his father with unforeseen consequences.

Episode #43 – Vice Versa

WHEN GIANTS COLLIDE: Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage.
Michael and Lawrence discuss the hilarity that is Vice Versa and ponder origins of the universe.

Episode #42 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Michael and Lawrence discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving and our friend Del Griffith. Also joined by special featured guest, former roommate Other Mike.

Episode #41 – Can’t Hardly Wait

Michael and Lawrence discuss the last film in their mini 80’s in the 90’s film series. Special featured guest, former roommate Other Mike sometimes guest host of the Drunken Zombie Podcast http://drunkenzombie.com/blog/. Next stop apple store.