Episode #47 – Breakin’

Breakin’-This week we Discuss the cultural impact of breakdancing/Tia Chi. Michael, Lawrence and special guest Amy reminisce with Turbo, Kelly and Ozone. Matthew, former street performer, gives us insight into what it means to “Break”.

Episode #46 – TRON

Film will never be the same!!! Michael, Lawrence and Special guest Jake discuss the new fad of CGI used in film. Here today gone tomorrow? Countdown to Episode #50 continues. Yeah TRON Sucks!!

Episode # 45 – The Griswold Family Christmas

Michael, Lawrence and new co host Missy discuss our favorite Holiday Season Classic. Discussion topics: Is your shitter half full or half empty? Cousin Eddie/The dissent into madness!?!

Episode #44 – Gremlins

Number two film in our Christmas countdown. Michael, Lawrence and Bobbie Jo list our favorite Christmas films. Young Billy Peltzer receives a gift from his father with unforeseen consequences.

Episode #43 – Vice Versa

WHEN GIANTS COLLIDE: Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage.
Michael and Lawrence discuss the hilarity that is Vice Versa and ponder origins of the universe.

Episode #42 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Michael and Lawrence discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving and our friend Del Griffith. Also joined by special featured guest, former roommate Other Mike.