Awesome 80′s Interview – Keith Coogan

Keith2Keith Coogan – Michael and Lawrence have been joined by the star of Adventures in Babysitting, Hiding Out, Toy Soldiers, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and many more!! We learn about how to sing the blues from Albert Collins and how Keith is connected to Hollywood royalty. Plenty of behind the scenes stuff that you have never heard before, here!! Also, “the dishes are done man,” only if you check out this fans Etsy account and buy a t-shirt.il_570xN.482518289_4fy4

4 thoughts on “Awesome 80′s Interview – Keith Coogan”

  1. you guys are such dicks leave poor Jamie alone hes been throught a lot of loss that’s why he hasn’t been around so keep your comments to yourselves please thank you tim

  2. We have merely said we miss Jaime. Jaime is the one who reaches out to us. If you or Jaime has any issues with our podcast you don’t have to listen. We are thankful for all of our listeners and have actually sent Jaime care packages in the past. If Jaime wants to reach out to is he is more than welcome. He has sent emails in the past so I know he knows how to get a hold of us.

    Awesomely yours,


  3. Thanks for the Pod, I got some laughs and learnt more 80s Trivia. I was unaware that Keith Coogan was related to Uncle Fester. I have been listening to your back catalogue lately and a lot of my Top 10 favorite movies of all time are on there. Valley Girl, Fast Times, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, ROTF and BTTF are always on the charts.

  4. I meant ROTN Revenge of The Nerds and I can`t forget Raizing Arizona and Caddyshack. Recently Electric Dreams and My 10 list is almost done.

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