Awesome 80′s Interview – Mathew Klickstein (Writer of Slimed)

Slimed_by_MattMathew Klickstein – Michael and Lawrence sit down with the writer of this new amazing book called Slimed. We discuss the infantsy of this new network called Nickelodeon up until the modern day where it becomes controlled by the Mann. We travel down memory lane to meet up with the best cable network ever! We eventually discuss what makes good television today. Tune In!!!nick22f-4-web

3 thoughts on “Awesome 80′s Interview – Mathew Klickstein (Writer of Slimed)”

  1. I have been listening to a few of these Podcasts recently and it`s good stuff. Though I gots to say there was a mention in this Slimed pod of Roseanne being a great show and The Big Bang Theory being terrible. Now being that Johnny Galecki, Sarah Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf who were all on Rosanne and are now on Big Bang working together 20 years later has got to give something to the show. Galecki was also in 1989s Christmas Vacation and he did a Goonies tribute on Conan so he gets my vote. Keep up the Awesome 80s Pods. DUST

  2. Excellent pod cast. Very entertaining and I now want to read the book. One question; is there any way to “like” your podcast on Facebook? I might have missed it, but if not, it would be a great way to let your listeners show their gratitude. Great work!

  3. I really enjoyed this episode. It was an excellent interview and it brought back a lot of memories. I’m going to go out and buy this book now.

    And Nickelodeon should bring back Double Dare!

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