Awesome 80′s Interview – Walter Olkewicz


Walter Olkewicz – Actor from every single 80′s TV show you can think of, Walter Olkewicz, joined the Awesome 80′s crew to discuss his entire career. He worked with Ted Danson, John Candy, Harry Anderson and more. The television shows that you loved as a child all had appearances by Walter. He shares with us some lovely anecdotes about his career and where his is now. Also, Walter is searching for help and was hoping that we the Awesome 80′s fans could bless him with a gift of precious medicine for his leg. Thanks for listening!walter-1

One thought on “Awesome 80′s Interview – Walter Olkewicz”

  1. Great interview! Walter seems like an amazing guy. I hope he gets his much needed medication so he can get back to work

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