Awesome 80s Podshort – 80s TV Theme/Intro’s

80s TV Theme/Intro’s – Come and join Michael, Dylana, and Lawrence discuss one of their favorite topics.  The 80s Theme Song!!!

3 thoughts on “Awesome 80s Podshort – 80s TV Theme/Intro’s”

  1. awesome podcast everyone no dought the best one of yours ever. really really nice job. some of my favorite are. its a living with the waitresses and the piano player and bosom buddies with tom hanks and peter scolari the theme to that was my life by billy joel. oh and one more newhart where himand histv wife own a hotel or lodge or someting like that and tom poston was like there friend he was like a comedian he was like a fix it man or something. havent seen the show in a long time and another funny thing about the show was the three brothers larry dayrl and dayrl. oh and the the theme song u were thinking of was the hogan family. with sandy ducan and jason batemen through the years was the name of the song. step by step had suzzane summers and patrick duffy. and dont forget about cody the weid newphew and cousin of the family remeber he lived in his van in the drve way. family matters was days go by or back. my two dads was another awesome show too the two guys rasing a daughter . funny stuff. A PLLLLLLLLLLUS eyeyone perfect show and you guys know me well enough that this big for me to praise u like this keep it up please. than you very much . sincerely jamie.

  2. hey dylana i just wanted to say u really did a great job on the podcast. you really made it better lighted the mood alot thumbs up. oh i also remeber you talking about clueless i had not herd or seen that in a while both the movie and tv show. i just got the movie on dvd its as awesome as i remeber it. ive watched it 3 times alredy talk about a classic. i hope u really well do some more podcast wether or not you dot it with the guys or not. i really think u should maybe doing some radio work to u just have the personality for it just like u would want to be everyones best friend. and no im not trying to suck up like the guys might think but i really honestly sincerley mean it. i hope u do a podcast on clueless that would rock. and once again kudos to all of u onsuch a great tv podcast. have a good weekened jamie

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