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80s Wrestling – Hey Awesome 80s fans we have joined forces to bring to you the third annual Supercast with the Old School Wrestling Podcast. We body slam our way down memory lane as we reminisce about wrestling from the 80s.  WWF/AWA action figures, ice cream bars and our favorite M.U.S.C.L.E. men are all discussed.

3 thoughts on “Awesome 80s Podshort – 80s Wrestling”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of wrestling, but I am a huge fan of listening to how much fun the 4 of you seemed to have while recording this podcast. So much energy, you all made me wish I spent my Sunday mornings watching wrestlings when I was younger. 🙂

  2. I saw this guy.

    William Afflis

    William Fritz Afflis, best known as Dick the Bruiser, Reginald Lisowski
    Reginald Lisowski
    fight this guy
    Reginald Lisowski was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, The Crusher.

    ~back when it was real

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