Awesome 80’s Podshort – ’85 Bears

download’85 Bears – From the frozen tundra of Lambeau field to the smooth as silk 80s astroturf at Soldier Field, George Halas’ Bears set themselves apart as one of the Greatest NFL teams of all time. Michael and Lawrence walk down memory lane with DITKA, Singletary, Dent, McMahon, The Fridge, and of course Walter Payton to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Our Bears sing songs, empower overweight people, and demolish every offense they played. This team had larger than life personalities that could only be contained by the decade of the 80s.323877600-05065624


3 thoughts on “Awesome 80’s Podshort – ’85 Bears”

  1. hey guys are u having a good weekend i hope so loved everything u said durning this podcast. it truly was a great time in world history i think those bears well be remebered forever. and i like your idea michael about the gameshow thing hope that happens soon. well goodnite guys jamie.

  2. i forgot to mention lawerence do u know u remind me of you look like a white bread mr. t i pitty the fool who messes with the awesome 80s podcast so get with it chumps lol. and michael reminds me of richie cuttingham from happpy days go sitt on it people of the internet world this is where is at. and buck os just watch what u do otherwise the fonz well take u down lol.

  3. hey lawerence I just wanted to share with you that I got the homeymooners on dvd . and that you kind of in a way look like jackie gleason . and then Michael of course would be your best buddy . art carney ed Norton. maybe sometime you could do a podcast on the homeymooners that would be cool. that’s all for mow have a great night Jamie.

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