Awesome 80s PodShort – Kids Incorporated/ Neu Mickey Mouse Club

Kids Incorporated – Michael and Lawrence remember some of the worst TV ever created while loving every minute of it.Kids Inc. gave countless numbers of kids the chance to live out their fantasies and contained none of the sex or violence that runs rampant on TV. Instead of whiny, 5-octave-too-high tunes like Kidz Bop, it featured REAL kids, who actually sang.

One thought on “Awesome 80s PodShort – Kids Incorporated/ Neu Mickey Mouse Club”

  1. hey men hows it going iwas worried about you hoping everything wwas ok. praying rha nothing real bad happed to any of u or your familys. i loved the podcast i remeber mario lopez on kids incorpprated yes everyone he was on there trust me. mickey mouse club was awesome too.. hope u all had a great halloween oh guess what michael and lawrence i got the facts of life seson 1 and 2 on dvd its totally worth it folks go out on get it u wont be sorry and i herd about star wars coming back very cool. i just wish natalie portman was still a part of it. i have a question for u guys did u really do this show at 3 in the morning. i just had the craziest thought in my head. could u imagine if one of was getting it on and all the sudden one of u jokers calls the other one right in the middle of it. i could just see michaels rection what i just put down with his eyes opened up and his mouth just dropped to the floor. ans lawrence is reaction is like what rhe hell. i just kind of funny sometimes what pops up in a persons head. lol well anyway very nice to listen to u guys again . and i do mean that until next time guys . stay awesome jamie. p s sorry about my spelling in some places some time my fingers want to do there own waking. jamie.

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