Awesome 80s PodShort – Top That (Fall 2012)

Top That – Glen and Michael discuss what they think is going to be amazing this coming fall. Nothing is left uncovered.

One thought on “Awesome 80s PodShort – Top That (Fall 2012)”

  1. hey guys guess what im pumped i got the prizes today thank u very much for the real real ghostbusters pop up book i love it alot.and the two dvds killer klowns from outer space just one of the guys total classics been looking for those forever. ill watch those late when i get home im a night owl . the et. pizza hut glasses i rember the et glasses when i was a kid talk about mind blowing taking me back to my child hood again great. and the awesome 80s stickers rocked too im on cloud nine right now ive been on a big time roll latley. with predictions of college football games too. i got all the games right this past weekend sept 21 2012 games. first time in wwatching football that that has ever happened. and getting all the wwe wrestling matches right. from the wwe pay per view night of champions. any way trhanks again . oh michael say hi to your wife for me please thanks jamie.

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