Awesome 80s PodShort – USFL

trophyUSFL – Michael and Lawrence discuss the history and ins and outs of the 1980’s most distinctive new Football league. The USFL was the brainchild of David Dixon, a New Orleans antiques dealer, who had been instrumental in bringing the New Orleans Saints to town. In 1965, he envisioned football as a possible spring and summer sport.  The League was noteworthy for signing three consecutive Heisman Trophy winners: Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie, and Nebraska running back Mike (1)

One thought on “Awesome 80s PodShort – USFL”

  1. Oh man I remember the USFL. I’ve been a diehard Steelers fan for as long as I can remember but I watched the USFL as a kid. Obviously it was never going to unseat the NFL anymore than the XFL attempted too, but it was some extra football to watch as a kid.

    Great show guys as always. #LongLiveThe80s

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