Episode # 83 – Eight Men Out

Eight Men Out – 1919. The year America saw major league baseball played a whole new way…underhanded.  Michael and Lawrence celebrate the country’s pastime with one of their favorite Baseball movies.  They bring you a review of, “The Scandal That Rocked A Nation”.  When the cheering stopped, there were… Eight Men Out.

Episode #82 – The Experts

































The  Experts – Michael and Lawrence discuss this wonderfully awful film. You ever wonder what a American town in Communist Russia would be like? Luckily this is the film made for you. Please Enjoy!

Episode # 81 – Not Quite Human

Not Quite Human – Dr. Jonas Carson, a scientist, invents Chip, an android teenager. Michael and Lawrence love this horrible film and think that you should too.  We discuss this topic and more, remember to tune in.  Our friends at Something Awful have their own opinions, check it out. OHH Yeahhh!!

Episode #42 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Michael and Lawrence discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving and our friend Del Griffith. Also joined by special featured guest, former roommate Other Mike.

Episode #41 – Can’t Hardly Wait

Michael and Lawrence discuss the last film in their mini 80’s in the 90’s film series. Special featured guest, former roommate Other Mike sometimes guest host of the Drunken Zombie Podcast http://drunkenzombie.com/blog/. Next stop apple store.

Episode #38 – Tango and Cash