Episode #38 – Tango and Cash

Episode #37 – Beverly Hills Cop

Episode #17 – Cloak & Dagger, more Oscar talk, CODs, Taco Bell Mild Sauce

Michael and Lawrence review the Dabney Coleman classic, Cloak & Dagger, as selected by Rich DeBarba, host of the Team Ubermensch podcast (http://teamubermensch.podbean.com) and review this year’s Oscar awards.

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Episode 015 – Roxanne and Sean Penn vs George Clooney

Michael and Lawrence discuss Steve Martin’s remake of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” then get into a feisty discussion of who is better: GEORGE CLOONEY or SEAN PENN.

Episode 014 – Real Genius

Lawrence and Michael discuss the Val Kilmer classic Real Genius. Googling Val Kilmer reports that he has apparently gained much weight and wears cowboy hats.