Awesome 80s Podshort – Mr. Belvedere

589b9157-1525-4faa-85cc-493124d35b56Mr. Belvedere – Michael and Lawrence celebrate John Baker day the back up catcher for the Cubs by celebrating another famous back up catcher, the UECK. Bob Uecker the face of the Miller Add campaign during the 1980’s also did a television show. This show was invaded by a portly effeminate British man that worked for Winston Churchill during the war, Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere. He invaded our hearts in the 80’s like a neo Marry Poppins, so sit back and let our podcast invade yours.Mr_Belvedere

Awesome 80s Podshort – ALF

FullSizeRenderALF – Michael and Lawrence are back together again! The Tanner family is an average American family. One day, they discover that they have a visitor. He’s small, he’s furry, he’s arrogant, and he’s an alien from the planet Melmac. So listen to our hilarity!dob6uv

Awesome 80s Podshort – WrestleMania 32 PART TWO

934132_10156718094805007_1715282786836747941_nWrestleMania 32 PART TWO – Michael and Lawrence continue their adventure in Wrestling in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We celebrate BBQ, unicorns, Sting posters, and sexual ambiguity. What kind of outfits will they wear? Will Michael keep eating so damn much? Will the George W. Bush picture be cherished by all? Please tune in to find out.wrestlemania-32-logo

Awesome 80s Podshort – WrestleMania 32 PART ONE

12439416_10156704899730007_5075732001286107257_nWrestleMania 32 Part One – The thirty second gathering of champion Wrestlers in the spring of the year had four special guests. Dre and Black Cat from the Old School Wrestling Podcast join our HEROES Michael and Lawrence have a grand adventure. The road was our only friend from central IL to the Heart of Texas to watch Wrastlin’s mother event. This is only part one so stay tuned.


Awesome 80’s Podshort – Chicago Cubs 1989 Season

cubs 11989 CUBS – Lawrence and Michael sit down with Andy and Corey from the Ivy Envy Podcast to discuss one of the greatest seasons of Cubs history. Mitch Williams with his trash stash, Jerome Walton with his hitting streak, Greg Maddux on the verge of greatness, all is here for your listening pleasure. The Cubs tortured history without a pennant makes it easy to judge any season like this that falls short of the World Series as a disappointment. This does not mean that we do not love them just the same.CUBS2

Awesome 80’s Podshort – ’85 Bears

download’85 Bears – From the frozen tundra of Lambeau field to the smooth as silk 80s astroturf at Soldier Field, George Halas’ Bears set themselves apart as one of the Greatest NFL teams of all time. Michael and Lawrence walk down memory lane with DITKA, Singletary, Dent, McMahon, The Fridge, and of course Walter Payton to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Our Bears sing songs, empower overweight people, and demolish every offense they played. This team had larger than life personalities that could only be contained by the decade of the 80s.323877600-05065624