Episode #7 – Can’t Buy Me Love

“Ronald is making an investment in his senior year. He’s hiring the prettiest cheerleader in school to be his girlfriend.”

Lawrence and Michael get serious for a moment with the 1987 cinematic wonder “Can’t Buy Me Love” starring Patrick Dempsey. We also start to dive deep into the psyche of Mr. Michael and his issues with one very special word and his inability to not smile when saying this word. We’ve attached photographic evidence below.


3 thoughts on “Episode #7 – Can’t Buy Me Love”

  1. I know “Puttin’ on the hits!” Very similar to solid gold… they would play popular songs while someone was dancing and lip-synching. then they would somehow announce the winner for the night.

    P-P-P-P-P-Puttin’ on the Hits!!!

  2. I saw Disco Stu pumping gas in Bloomington last weekend. Hes older.. grayer.. and a little rounder now but it would be great to hear a cameo… Are there talks?

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