Episode 009 – Big, SEGMENTS, SEGMENTS, Art goes nuts, and the Iron Sheik


Everyone goes absolutely nuts in this episode of the Awesome 80s Podcast while Michael and Lawrence dissect the 80s epic classic BIG. What’s the first thing you’d do once you realized you were big? Yeah, we all know. Other highlights include Lawrence and his tinfoil hat suggesting alternative endings to the movie, Art flipping out every time Lawrence coughs, pencil pop discussion, and a special visit from the Iron Sheik. Oh and segments. So many segments.

3 thoughts on “Episode 009 – Big, SEGMENTS, SEGMENTS, Art goes nuts, and the Iron Sheik”

  1. As I am called out, that game WAS made up for the movie, but someone adapted it and you can play it here:

    As for real games in that time line that I liked to play:
    The deadly Dungeon (by Don and Freda BONER)

    Vic-20, Commodore 64, Atari 400/800:
    Adventure Land
    Pirate cove
    the count

    In the late 80s they started adding pre-set graphics to “show you the action”
    Later Hero’s quest,
    Space quest and
    liesure suit larry
    were favorites

    Excellent sidelong Orgasmo reference.

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