Episode # 104 – Dragnet

drag Dragnet – Michael and Lawrence rediscover this forgotten classic from 1987 about two dudes battling the forces of greed and PAGANS. They’re so bad at being bad… but so much worse at being good! Just The Facts.

8 thoughts on “Episode # 104 – Dragnet”

  1. Gonna have to give this movie a look. BTW–Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite movie is recent history. I’ve never rooted for the couple in a “romantic” movie before.

  2. hey lawerence sorry about the delay i really am but i lost michaels address and ha. other things come up. so if u would could u please give me the adress again on your respnse please. once again i do apoligize. please forgive me.

  3. I think I finally got caught up and have listened to every episode. Still working on the shorts. You guys missed one of the best Dan Akroyd movies ever…Neighbors. I have been searching for this movie for years. Please help me to find it. I am willing to restock my liqueur cabinet and invite you guys back to finished what we started. Who was that guy Dre something what a poser that gave you crap for not actually sitting in the family truckster… listen you jealous of anyone that takes a trip to expand their horizons if that’s what it takes to earn your respect then fine but when we do and we will sit in more 80s cars than the family truckster we will have done first long before ever get even get the chance…or whatever if Dre who is mentioned in the Onion has a copy of NEIGHBORS then forget what I just said and lets hang out drink some beer and watch it.

    THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE BEST SECURITY keep your feet warm wont let you drink alone even after everyone passes out DOG EVER ….sir CHARLES

    Did you ever see that twilight zone where they wont let the guys dog into heaven because its…………. HELL?

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