Episode # 112 – Lethal Weapon 2

lethal_weapon_two_ver2Lethal Weapon 2 – Michael and Lawrence follow Riggs and Murtaugh as they try to clean up the streets of L.A. and protect it from South African drug dealers. The magic is back! in this sequel, come along for the ride. If your in the mood for the newest sequel check out Lethal Weapon 5!


One thought on “Episode # 112 – Lethal Weapon 2”

  1. I am really thankful that you guys have been recording such a good amount of new podcasts this year and, keeping us loyal fans of the show very happy! I can’t wait to listen to this episode and will be anxiously awaiting the next. Thanks for sharing your views and memories of the classic and sometimes not-so-classic 80’s flicks we 30 somethings grew up to and loved during what seems now to be a simpler time then the new millenium has been offering. Love the show guys! THANKS!!! P AND K

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