Episode #17 – Cloak & Dagger, more Oscar talk, CODs, Taco Bell Mild Sauce

Michael and Lawrence review the Dabney Coleman classic, Cloak & Dagger, as selected by Rich DeBarba, host of the Team Ubermensch podcast (http://teamubermensch.podbean.com) and review this year’s Oscar awards.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #17 – Cloak & Dagger, more Oscar talk, CODs, Taco Bell Mild Sauce”

  1. I like your Comment about “would you let your teen/pre-teen kids hand out with a old man like this?”
    Which is roughly what happened with me an Drew/Ogre/erik/Ghort/etc gang.

    “Why Is this college guy hanging out with our 15-year olds?”
    “Apparently they play some of the same games that he plays at college with his friends and they met on a Bulletin board about those games.”
    “You sure he’s not molesting them or selling them drugs?”
    “Uhh… kinda sure… let’s have him over for dinner and give him the third degree.”

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