Episode #18: Mannequin

An…interesting…episode of the a80p as Lawrence and Michael get real about this 1987 romantic classic. Very real.

One thought on “Episode #18: Mannequin”

  1. James Spader: Here is the exception to the 80s rule- Tuff Turf. He’s the Hero in sort of a New Kid in Town, finds himself at odds with cute girl’s (kim Richards) criminal boyfriend. has a definite Karate Kid feel to it.

    Listener Geography: It’s bizarre how these things spread. Somehow We’ve got listeners in new Zealand and the middle east.. Weird.

    Real Genius vs Weird Science: Don’t forget My Science Project. Similar feel, but goes a bit more over the top.

    Thanks again for the show, guys.

    PS. How did you guys get those results that show how people searched for you? we’ve been looking for that info ourselves.

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