Episode #188 – Space Camp

large-space-camp-patchSpace Camp – Michael and Lawrence wish and dream about touching the stars and you too can do it! We travel with a group of rag-tag kids to space and back, the stars belong to a new generation. They came to SpaceCamp with the dream of becoming astronauts. Suddenly…Without warning…Before they were ready…They were launched into space. We also discuss the unfortunate incidents that took place at Cape Canaveral on January 28, 1986 just two days after the Super Bowl.spacecamp


One thought on “Episode #188 – Space Camp”

  1. hey guys space camp was great I loved the movie and the podcast. sorry about the you tube problem u had with space camp but you guys did an awesome job of making things right so thanks. and I want to wave to you guys even though u cant see me. one more thing Michael you know on you tube when you do a podcast how your name is on the screen well I saw that little orange picture of u and your wife. and do you know your wife looks like viera from alice but shes defentliy not a dingy like viera . shes a fun smart lady referring to your wife Michael well have s good one see u guys soon Jamie.

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