Episode #192 – Night of the Creeps

Night-of-the-Creeps-horror-movies-6915263-200-200Night of the Creeps – Michael, Lawrence and writer Chris Vander Kaay sit down to discuss the horror films that shaped their lives. We talk about horror films, genre classics, and the best the 80’s has to offer. Please check out The Anatomy of Fear and Horror Films by Subgenre: A Viewer’s Guide. Here we discuss the 80’s cult classic Night of the Creeps.“The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is… they’re dead.” If you scream… you’re dead. It’ll be the night of your life… death. They don’t bother to knock.nightofthecreeps1


One thought on “Episode #192 – Night of the Creeps”

  1. One of my top 30 horror/com for sure. The box cover for this VHS used to scare me a little when I was still only 8 or 9 year old Paul lurking around my local N.J. video rental store trying to peek inside and see just what was going on in the room behind that damn curtain, lol. By the way, I still have a Awsm80Pod “Cassette Tape” glossy sticker you kindly sent me that sits prominently on my laptop right next to my other favorite sticker of youtube video game reviewer the AVGN holding an orange Nintendo “Zapper” gun and people always usually comment or ask about “that old Cassette” in which I enthusiastically inform and invite them to check out you guys’s criminally underrated pod/show. N.E.Wayz…Krista and I have been going threw a rough couple years with my wonderful mom passing away all while our job consecutively continues to suck all our remaining happiness, dignity and self respect (we are both Managers at a sh*tty fast food joint that rhymes with “When Deez” as in When Deez Nuts on….well you get it!?@?) but now the smoke has finally cleared up to more of a light fog and a few patchy showers, but even during those worst days I would still check in for a favorite 80’s movie review that once was named after elizebethshue… I rhymed :), and I would download a few episodes of the AwSm80s podcast to help cheer us up while we take you guys’s time machine way back to da 80’s to a much simpler and “TOTALLY AWESOME” era and also my very happy and memorable childhood. I may sound a bit cliche’ but, those years in the 80’s and even into the late 90’s are what I truly believe now to be the last years of a truly great era and who knew those days would also contain the last of our ever eroding innocence and freedoms we still had left whether good or bad. I personally do not like much if at all of the current 2000’s culture, music, movies, clothing style, and the shameless corporate sponsored and normalization of our kids imitating slutty oversexualized pop stars or the ironic style of Gangsta Rappers in Womens Dresses and major news and celebrities promoting kids to be “Gender Neutral” or “Gender Fluid” and who ever anticipated being alive to witness the implementation of a new law allowing grown men into Womens and little girls bathrooms etc. I am not religious or some holier than thou type and honestly I was a lil’ bad ass pothead druggie back in my teens and 20’s, and hopefully I am only making something bigger than it is, but in the 80’s I remember musicians like “Boy George”, “Cyndy Lauper” “Madonna” and “Megadeth” being called the evil Satanic THREAT out to steal, Rape and eat your children’s souls, but now, it seems “Marilyn Manson” could honestly have a chance at one day becoming President, and “Miley Cyrus” hired as an elementary school sex ed. teacher or “Twerking” dance instructor to 12-13 year olds. Times are truly different and not the way a person from the 50’s talks about the 60’s kids or 70’s adults talk about how bad kids are in the 90’s because this really seems wayyyy worse!!!??

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