Episode #21: Corey Haim, License to Drive, Me, Myself and I

In this truly epic episode of A80P, Michael and Glen discuss the life and times of Mr. Haim, his classic “License to Drive,” and dive deep into the obscure Corey Haim auto-biographical documentary “My, Myself, and I.” If you want to know a little more about the psyche of our podcast hosts, you really start with Corey Haim.

3 thoughts on “Episode #21: Corey Haim, License to Drive, Me, Myself and I”

  1. Hi guys. Writing on the board was still a valid punishment in the 70’s. I, in fact, have had to write on the board as a punishment. Most teachers stopped doing it to me when she figured out that I considered it a performance opportunity.

    Also, I hear a subtle background kind of popping or something in the audio. Is Art playing with the Tivo?

    As for 80’s moms, i like the mom from Better Off Dead, but I would not consider her the Archetypical 80’s mom.

  2. the anniversary of patrick’s death should be Ghost!! have you thought about Side Out and Summer School?

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