Episode #23 – Who’s That Girl

Michael and Glen talk about some movie with Madonna and that hot new sandwich THE DOUBLE DOWN.

One thought on “Episode #23 – Who’s That Girl”

  1. hey Guys, allow me to verivy that YES, Madonna was ni Body of evidence… showing much of her body… of evidence.

    Mike, Make sure to keep the keys to all of your various scheduled tasks in your File-o-Fax so that if someone finds it they can completely presume your identity.

    Double Down: dudes, It’s good. Also, You’re thinking about it all wrong. Tons of Restaurants have qhicken filet sandwiches with bacon and cheese. Now pul the bun away and you’ve got the basic content of the double down. (the two breasts are not oversized, so it’s not like twice as much chicken) also compare the Double down meal to the 2-piece meal. Similar nutritional value. I think a lot of people think they are taking an established chicen/bacon sandwich and replaceing the bread with even more fried chicken.
    Dare to enjoy!

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