Episode #44 – Gremlins

Number two film in our Christmas countdown. Michael, Lawrence and Bobbie Jo list our favorite Christmas films. Young Billy Peltzer receives a gift from his father with unforeseen consequences.

6 thoughts on “Episode #44 – Gremlins”

  1. It is my fault that Charles hasn’t appeared on the podcast.

    And the Hardee’s Gremlins Vinyl records were awesome.

  2. Every time I ride the bus to work I contemplate the video stores on College Ave. I think the VHS store next to Betaville was another Stars & Stripes. Video Palace was across the street near the Chinese restaurant. Betaville is now a shoe repair store.

  3. Just found this podcast (five months later) and felt the need to offer a correction: In the alternate version of the movie that was assembled for TV, Billy and Kate go into the bank and find Judge Reinhold hiding in the vault. They try to talk him into coming out, but he declines and starts rambling like a madman so they shut the door on him. It’s not Reinhold who was killed, it’s Mr. Corben, the bank manager, whom they find dead (and covered in clocks!). THAT portion of the scene didn’t make it into the TV version (though Reinhold does make mention of Corben’s death), but it’s in the longer version on the DVD’s deleted scenes.

    WB execs didn’t like the bank sequence and complained it slowed down the movie — but they especially didn’t like Kate’s horrific Christmas remembrance. Dante was adamant about keeping Kate’s story, so he cut Reinhold’s final segment just to get the studio off his back. Ironically in the version that aired repeatedly on The Disney Channel throughout the ’90s, the vault portion of the scene was retained and Kate’s speech was cut.

    Since you guys showed disdain, also should note that the reason the second film is a comedy is because Joe Dante didn’t want to make a sequel, but the studio was going to make one with or without him. He ultimately agreed to do it if he could have full creative control. He signed the contract and they left him alone. Whether he was just trying to have a good time with it or kill the chances of furthering the franchise is debatable. Again ironically, critics were not very kind to the original (which was heavily criticized for being uneven and too dark in spots), but the the sequel got great reviews… Once again proving that critics are out of touch with the general public.

    Oh yeah, and yes, Rand DOES show up at the department store (Barney the dog jumps out of the car and darts through the broken store window; dad follows and arrives just in time to see Stripe melting).

    Yep, I’m an even bigger dork than you guys….

  4. I agree with Vinnie (above) he IS a big DORK!!! you guys have a great podcast and I look forward to every new episode. Thanks for the laughs.

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