Episode # 45 – The Griswold Family Christmas

Michael, Lawrence and new co host Missy discuss our favorite Holiday Season Classic. Discussion topics: Is your shitter half full or half empty? Cousin Eddie/The dissent into madness!?!

6 thoughts on “Episode # 45 – The Griswold Family Christmas”

  1. “Chuck” is amazing and “Big Bang Theory” is the funniest show currently on TV. These are facts, not opinions. Thanks!

  2. Loved your whole Christmas series! I do feel you were a little harsh on Chevy Chase’s career. You didn’t even mention his very long career with Saturday Night Live, while do a show of that magnitude one may not find time to do quality films. Just sayin’

  3. The “chick” is what we call in the business a “pod chick” they only hang out with “successful” podcasters

  4. Getting into the x-mas spirit thanks to u guys (and gals). ANOTHER GREAT PODCAST!!! Thanx and I can’t wait to hear what xmas pods u have in store for this year? A Christmas Story is my suggestion.

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