Episode #46 – TRON

Film will never be the same!!! Michael, Lawrence and Special guest Jake discuss the new fad of CGI used in film. Here today gone tomorrow? Countdown to Episode #50 continues. Yeah TRON Sucks!!

3 thoughts on “Episode #46 – TRON”

  1. Your right, Tron sucks…Tron:Legacy was only slightly better. Happy New Year to you guys, and I’m looking forward to being a guest co-host again in the near future.

  2. Loved your hate for Tron and love of Bridges! Based on false memories, I saw Legacy in the theatre. Twice. In 24 hours. And enjoyed it.

  3. I liked TRON a lot as a kid and re-watching it again at age 33, I still enjoyed it. Although I am not much of a film critic, I personally don’t feel it sucks. I felt someone should defend this movie a little since it definitely has its charm…Thanks guys and awesome show!!!

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