Episode # 56 – Star Wars Number 2

The Empire Strikes Back-Michael, Lawrence and Art discuss the second greatest film of all time behind Goonies.
Also referenced: G.I. Joe, Transformers, Billy D Williams, Colt 45, Harvey Dent, Garbage Pail Kids, Jungle Book, E.T., HE MAN, Chewbacca Bandolier, Edward James Olmos, Bill Nye, Mask.

One thought on “Episode # 56 – Star Wars Number 2”

  1. Maybe because I also waited until I was in adulthood to watch these movies, I would have to agree w/Lawrence that while I enjoyed them, I don’t have the same enthusiasim that Michael & Owen have. I find it humorous that Michael has this as his 2nd favorite 80s movie behind the Goonies…I think that is the only list where you would find these two movies together.

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