Episode # 62 – Back To The Beach

Back to the Beach – You’re supposed to know what it means when I burn stuff! Michael, Amy and Lawrence discuss Frankie, Annette and their return to the BEACH. Also, Pee-Wee makes a guest appearance.

4 thoughts on “Episode # 62 – Back To The Beach”

  1. Not a fan of Tosh.0. Norm is okay, but if there’s going to be a sports comedy show it needs to be hosted by the Sklar Brothers.

  2. Hi, a little late but I just wanted to say thanks for reviewing Back to the Beach! It was a big part of my childhood (definitely made me want to run away to California, lol).

    At the time of course they were paying tribute to the beach movies of old, but now this film has become a true time capsule of the ’80s even more than the ’60s. Sort of goes along nice with the film’s theme of going back home again. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely check out the rest of your episodes!

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