Episode # 64 – National Lampoons Vacation

Vacation – Every summer Chevy Chase takes his family on a little trip. This year he went too far. Lawrence, Michael go on summer vacation with Missy as we revisit the Griswold’s in this classic film. Family vacation’s, sticky siblings, and stretching your sh!# out are all discussed.

4 thoughts on “Episode # 64 – National Lampoons Vacation”

  1. – Was that Hurricane Helms impression? (what’s up with that??)

    – Rax Roast Beef. I am now fully on board with the roast beef and need to go.

    – I sat in the back of my car drawing pro wrestlers on vacations. We also listened to a lot of Lake Wobegon and NPR classical stations.

    – Regarding “Red Headed temper” – Why are gingers hating on gingers?

  2. The Whats up with that is a Saturday Night Live bit, however they have had Jake the Snake and koko b ware guest on the show so it could have been stolen from the Hurricane

  3. You asked for movie suggestions during this podcast (by the way thanks for the shout out) so I wanted to remind you I’m still waiting on the Dirty Dancing podcast. 🙂

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