Episode # 66 – He-Man (1983-1985)

He-Man – And the Masters of the Universe, is the subject that Michael and Lawrence has chosen to discuss. We revisit the cartoon series from our childhood and offer a different perspective. Featured guest Danielle, from the Power-Con/ThunderCon convention tells us what not to miss. http://www.thepower-con.com/

2 thoughts on “Episode # 66 – He-Man (1983-1985)”

  1. I think Jim Crockett Promotions really missed the boat when they didn’t bring any Skeletor wrestler into the fold. Could you imagine a scaffold match with the Rock N Roll Express and the Skeletor Express. I just think if you’re going to have a Freddy Krueger, Jason & Leatherface gimmicks…bring on the Skeletor. And I guess Big Van Vader was like a fat balding Darth Vader from the Mountains? Confusing. I could be wrong. Anyways a shout out to He-Man…you the man.

  2. Favorite He-Man figures: Man of Arms and Sy-Klone. Also Masters of the Universe (1987) is one of my top 10 movies and it stars the worlds greatest actor, the living legend, The Massive One’s all time fav. Dolph Lundgren. I remember going to my local video store and renting Masters of the Universe a thousand times. Over and over. Good times. And the Masters of the Universe DVD has a commentary track by the Director Gary Goddard. It’s not that good but give it a once over. Massive.

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