Episode # 67 – Batman

Batman – Prince, Jack, and the guy form Mr. Mom create a film version of a Comic Book Legend. Michael, Glen, and Co-Host All The Time Mike from the The Drunken Zombie Podcasting Network, http://drunkenzombie.com, join forces to discuss those wonderful toys.

4 thoughts on “Episode # 67 – Batman”

  1. Worst possible Batman-Joker Combo choices in 1989….what about entertaining the possibilities of the following. The Two Coreys, Whoopi Goldberg Joker & Danny Devito Batman, What about David Lynch presents Batman obviously Kyle Maclachlan Batman & Jack Nance joker….actually that might be money in my book.

  2. 1 more bad Batman-Joker Combo. Hulk Hogan as batman…Macho Man as Joker…Miss Elizabeth as Vicki Vale. That would be very relevant to the time period. Where does Zeus fit in?

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