Episode # 81 – Not Quite Human

Not Quite Human – Dr. Jonas Carson, a scientist, invents Chip, an android teenager. Michael and Lawrence love this horrible film and think that you should too.  We discuss this topic and more, remember to tune in.  Our friends at Something Awful have their own opinions, check it out. OHH Yeahhh!!

2 thoughts on “Episode # 81 – Not Quite Human”

  1. hi i like your shows that youve done you done a good job. but is one thing that you left out of this pocast the other two statrs besides alan thicke. i wish u would have said more about them too. the girl looks fimilar she reminds me of tiffany bristte from the tv show small wonder. u know vicki the robot. i hope yournot offened just wanted to point that out to u guys thanks jamie

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