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The  Experts – Michael and Lawrence discuss this wonderfully awful film. You ever wonder what a American town in Communist Russia would be like? Luckily this is the film made for you. Please Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Episode #82 – The Experts”

  1. never watched this movie glad i didnt aftwer heraing about it. and buy the way this podcast that you did really sucked the big one . clean up the bad lauange some please, and if you say something dont stop in mid sentce. like you did when you where talikng about diffrent strokes , dont interup the other person when u talk i have noticed that in a lot of your shows other the that your shows are great. ps i canthink of another lame movie howrd the duck that was horrible also . thats all for now thank u jamie.

  2. As the former producer of this show and the man who registered this podcast on iTunes, I can guarandamntee you that this show is labeled EXPLICIT so don’t be surprised when you hear certain words that YOU find offensive.

  3. As a child of the 80’s I was surprised at never hearing about this film. You say it’s terrible but your review of it has intrigued me. I will be keeping my eye out for this unpolished gem (gem?).
    Good episode.

  4. Hi guys! I love the BAD LANGUAGE and l think HOWARD THE DUCK is not Georges best flick but, I don’t think it is a terrible movie either. I am downloading the last few episodes that I have NOT heard yet, and then I will be impatiently awaiting NEW episodes! Thank you again for all the laughs and trips down memory lane. I am a grateful fan of this show! I also think the really cool little man “Jacob” (I believe that is his name?”) is very smart and interesting and I always enjoy when he pops up on an episode. You guys shouldn’t change a thing about your show!!! (*That is my opinion anyways) – Keep it AWESOME!!!!

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