Episode # 83 – Eight Men Out

Eight Men Out – 1919. The year America saw major league baseball played a whole new way…underhanded.  Michael and Lawrence celebrate the country’s pastime with one of their favorite Baseball movies.  They bring you a review of, “The Scandal That Rocked A Nation”.  When the cheering stopped, there were… Eight Men Out.

5 thoughts on “Episode # 83 – Eight Men Out”

  1. the show was good for once except for your rants glen . and your dumb remarks about Ron santos he was my heroes just because he was ill and did not do whatever it was that he was suppose to do didnt mean he deserved to die u dont know the whole story behind that situation idid not make RON a bad person.so stop being a horses you know what or else booooooooooy! BESIDES SHOELESS JOE GOT WHAT HE DESEVED A NICE KICK IN THE PANTS

  2. First I don’t know who Glen is but I assume you are referring to me. Not one time did I say he deserved to die, I said he brought his health issues on himself by not taking care of himself, which is factual true. That doesn’t take away from him being your hero just a fact. Secondly I do know the whole story or at least the story he wanted us to know as I have watched the movie made about him by his own son. Thirdly maybe you should educate yourself on SJJ before you do the same thing you accused me of doing. Don’t throw stones if you don’t want them thrown back. As always we appreciate your listenership.


  3. Also if you don’t believe our show is good then you have the right to not listen.


  4. Enjoyed the show though not a huge biopic fan and its been forever since I’ve seen this movie. Whenever I see a biopic I just can get past the fact that the actor isn’t the real person when I know what the real person looks like.

    Regarding Santo – Ron Santo was a terrible announcer and it’s a shame the Cubs felt like it was necessary to pander to the fans who are crazy enough to like him and build that statue outside Wrigley.

  5. Regarding Santo – I personally met the man on three separate occasion’s and he was nothing but generous with his time and happy just talking baseball. He is a personal hero of mine and made it into the Hall of Fame using a performance enhancing drug called insulin. He wasn’t given the opportunity to play with a glucometer the way modern professional athletes can. He was the voice of the fan inside the press box at Wrigley field after Harry Caray left us. He may have been melodramatic and unable to remove himself from the game. When you turned on WGN you could hear his voice and know who was winning and who was losing. In the bigger picture of life it doesn’t matter who wins or looses. It is just a game. Ron was unable to separate the game and life witch lead to sub-par broadcasts. Having said that Ron Santo is who I will be thinking of when the cubs win the world series. And you know what, it does matter to me who wins or looses. I never want to listen to a game where the broadcasters just don’t care. or aren’t fans of the teams they are calling. Ron Santo was a simple man who loved baseball and the Cubs.

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