Episode # 86 – Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters – Unofficial 100th episode!!  Michael, Lawrence and friend of a friend Art celebrate this milestone with a classic. If you guys are keeping score at home this is the one where we sell out. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Please enjoy, this supernatural spectacular.

6 thoughts on “Episode # 86 – Ghostbusters”

  1. hey michael lawrence and art great podcast im a huge ghostbusters fan. the movie cartoon what ever . you also know there was ghost busters cereal . the plot of the movie was great the humor the diallog and the craziness of ghostbusters, id like to give a shout out to art and say hi. you are a cool guy.i thought it was was funny what u said about winston lokking at the ghostbusters sign funny stuff. oh hers something u did not know art and myself have something in common . this is no joke guys we both live in ames, iowa iwas was bornand raised here. it took me by suprise when ames, iowa was metioned on your podcast. and iowa state university id never thought id ever here those words metioned over the air not once but twice on the same podcast. so michael and lawrence have u ever been to ames, iowa before. you could do a podcast here sometime maybe that would be cool. jamie, michael, lawrence, and art doing a podcast together that woud be very intresting just a thought well u guys have really grown on me. anyway i also wanted to say did u see my response. in the beverly hills cop 2 podcast just wondering. but once again how awesome was that ames iowa, and iowa state metioned on this podcast was totaly cool or should i say it was awesome. thanks again for the geat podcast all of u your friend jamie.

  2. I so wish I could have been the guest host on this movie. I have lots of ghost stories from growing up and I actually have an uncle that is a “ghostbuster.” He specializes in paranomal activity things. He’s no joke, written a few books, featured on several shows on Discovery and a few other networks. Anyway I just wanted to say awesome podcast and it was nice to hear Art on the show again.

  3. Congratulations on #100!!!!
    I have been slowly catching up with your past podcasts and have enjoyed every minute. Keep up the great work!

    BTW: I have also seen Ghostbusters numerous times over the years but the most memorable viewing was a few years ago. Fort Lauderdale had a public showing outside in a park. I forgot how much fun seeing this with a group of people could be. Hundreds of people sat in that park and at times you could hear a pin drop and at others we were roaring with laughter. Great night!

  4. Sorry but I couldn’t get through this one. The sound quality is horrible. The one guy I can barely hear and the other two are way too loud, and the laughing just cuts through everything.

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