Episode # 92 – Side Out

Side Out – Michael, Lawrence and new friend Kari discuss this classic featuring C. Thomas Howell and the creepy guy from Thirty Something. Midwestern law student comes to California for summer work. Instead, hangs out at the beach and chases waitresses. Meets up with a washed-up King of the Beach. Summer just got a lot hotter!

2 thoughts on “Episode # 92 – Side Out”

  1. Okay, so I was psyched to watch both films before listening to the podcast, and then compare my thoughts to the host. However, I do not have netflix, so I went to Family Video and they only carried one movie Better Off Dead. So, according to the corporate machine at Family video, the choice was clearly Better Off Dead. Turns out the box was there but no movie behind it, so I asked the way to friendly worker to see if maybe it had come in and not been re-shelved yet. Come to find out it was in but it was MIA. This movie was so good that it was stolen from the video store …. ” I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS” ~STAY AWESOME

  2. I am surprised that Matt (above) was able to even find a video store in 2012’…I figured they were all closed by now? I will miss the video stores of the 80’s and 90’s despite the ridiculously high late fee’$ and waiting for the VHS tape to friggin’ REWIND!!! There was truly something exciting and humbling about renting movies and the thrill of finding a popular movie in stock. Thank You NETFLIX, YOUTUBE and the internet for ruining everything!! Lol

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