Episode # 96 – The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors – Michael, Lawrence and Super Guest Host Kari get away for the weekend to the North Woods with Uncle Buck and Ray from the Ghostbusters. This holiday’s no picnic. The wildlife is wild, but his brother-in-law is unbearable. A week in the woods with Roman and Chet: This is no holiday…this is war!

One thought on “Episode # 96 – The Great Outdoors”

  1. hi guys another great show if orgot to tell you before that everybody was happy for me when i told them i had one some stuff from the awesome 80s podcast so u have some new listners now. and i also wanted to thank u for not only the prizes again you really dont know how much it means to me because i really never get anything in the mail not really at all . so thank u thank u thank u very much. oh the bubble wrap was awesome too. i had fun popping the bubble wrap so that was also another prize to me too even if alot of people dont think of it has a prize i do . isnt it funny how the smallest things in life can have such in impact on people . well that all for now. see youy next time guys. jamie.

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