Episode # 98 – Labyrinth

Labyrinth – Michael, Lawrence and Super Guest Host Kari try to get out of David Bowie’s maze that he had put in his front yard. Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems. Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie take you into a dazzling world of fantasy and adventure.

2 thoughts on “Episode # 98 – Labyrinth”

  1. hey guys thanks for the response back on this podcast. this was a fun show props to all. hey lawerence i thought of a campy 80s tv show mattt houston i think u might agree about it being over the top. oh just to let u guys know i well be sening u some stuff in the future . i promise it maybe after the new yer but i well get u guys something cross my heart. thats all for now thanks again for your response to my comment. and go bears night jamie.

  2. I am an awesome 80’s addict!!! I have listened to many other 80’s podcasts and even all your “friends” and I truly enjoy this podcast the BEST and, the “Drunken Zombie” podcast is probably my second favorite. I just bought “Mannequin” on VHS at a thrift store to watch before I listen to your mannequin episode since, I have not seen that movie EVER and as a kid, I would quickly change the channel whenever it came on.

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