Episode #223 – Midnight Run

Midnight Run – Michael and Lawrence join forces with the 80s version of Dogg the Bounty Hunter and travel across the country to to get our CA$H!! Bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) is sent to find and return bail jumper and former Mafia accountant, Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas (Charles Grodin). The FBI has had no success in locating The Duke, so when Jack finds him in next to no time. Monday… Escape with their lives from New York… Tuesday… Impersonate F.B.I. agents in Chicago… Wednesday… Steal plane in New Mexico… Thursday… Almost kill each other by accident… Friday… Almost kill each other on purpose…

Awesome 80s Rewind – Home Alone

home2Home Alone –  Michael and Glen celebrate Christmas with Keven McCallister as we defend our home against Marv and Harry. We also discuss Disneyworld and the current Snowpocalypse. When Kevin’s Family Left For Vacation, They Forgot One Minor Detail: Kevin. But Don’t Worry… He Cooks. He Cleans. He Kicks Some Butt. A Family Comedy Without The Family.  home1

Awesome 80s Rewind – Christmas Vacation

Michael, Lawrence and new co host Missy discuss our favorite Holiday Season Classic. Discussion topics: Is your shitter half full or half empty? Cousin Eddie/The dissent into madness!?!

Awesome 80s Rewind – A Christmas Story House – Interview (Brian Jones)


A Christmas Story House – Michael and Lawrence get a chance to interview Brian Jones, a man with a passion for plastic legs. Brian Jones, a San Diego entrepreneur and fan of the film since childhood, bought the house on eBay for $150,000. Jones used revenue from his business, The Red Rider Leg Lamp Company, which manufactures replicas of the “major award” Ralphie’s father won in the film, for the down payment. Check out our awesome 80s Interview.homepagehouse

Awesome 80s Rewind – Die Hard

Die Hard (A Christmas Miracle) – It is that time of year again to celebrate the giving of presents. This year we have chosen the story of John McClane and his wife spending Christmas with their best friend Hans. It’s Christmas Eve In L.A. And The Party Action’s About To Explode… On The Fortieth Floor!

Episode #222 – Santa Claus: The Movie

Santa Claus The Movie – Michael and Lawrence travel all the way to the North Pole the experience Elf Culture. Dudley Moore and Harry’s Dad from Harry and the Henderson’s is there celebrating Christmas. Also, the Big Lebowski is in it; not The Dude but Lebowski the guy in the wheel chair…ahhh think Little Lebowski Urban Achievers. From the team who brought the three Superman blockbusters to the screen comes a story to stir the imagination – and warm the heart. The spirit of Christmas. But who is he really?